Marina Project



To provide opportunity to spend leisure time

Having a highly developed society and culture in Colombo area, it is difficult to find a place to spend the leisure time of the people who are living in that Urban. Therefore, our main impartial is to give them a solution for their relaxation to create their life with more pleasure and satisfaction.

To development of Tourism around the Bolgoda Lake

We believe this concept will more helpful to develop all hotels placed around Bolgoda Lake because foreigners can do their water activities leisurely.

To provide comprehensive services to the Marina and Waterfront Property Sectors

BOLGODA MARINA provides a range of services to the marina and waterfront property sectors with eh expertise and resources to meet our clients’ most demanding requirements.
All stages of a BOLGODA MARINA we remain focused on creating maximum value for our clients. And we do so with the objectivity that comes from being a truly independent business.

To be economical and Environmental Friendly

Since we have identify the present method i.e. constructed by concrete structure which is difficult to construct and non-economical specially when remove this cause industrial waste, floating piers system would be the best way to save our green Island.

Facilities Provide By “Bolgoda Marina”

“Bolgoda Marina” operated full service Marina specializing in all aspects of boat maintenance and repair. Customers can choose to do the work themselves or have our skilled employee's do the work for them.


Boat Parking facilities

Cleaning and Waxing

Bottom Painting

Clean and Paint Outdrive

Fiberglass/ Gel Coat Repairs

Structural Repairs

Engines Repair


Changing rooms

Show room with engine and accessories

Relaxing area

Fuel station