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    Welcome to Dhanusha Marine Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

    Dhanusha Marine Lanka (Pvt) Ltd has been in the manufacture of fibreglass range of boats for over 15 years, and has created a niche in both the national & international markets. Quality being our measure, we have always strived to produce a product which makes our customer happy, and we have found, that our customers share their delight in owning a Dhanusha Marine boat, by passing on their enthusiasm to other boat lovers.
    Dhanusha Marine has had the privilege of having an Expert from the Netherlands as its consultant. His expertises, and the comprehensive training that our Managing Director Mr. G. S. Fernando underwent in the Netherlands, has seen our boats being exported to the Maldives, India, Germany and Norway.

    Our Mission

    » To manufacture a quality product using carefully selected raw materials     by our well trained and dedicated employees, keeping in mind maximum     customer satisfaction.
    » Quality is our measure.
    » Our ultimate aim is for the Dhanusha Group to reach out to its     customers, before the customer reach out to us. A marketing saying     that “The Customer is the King” is not just a saying for us, but a     REALITY.

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    » Our Range of Boats
    1. DML Speed - 900
    2. DML Sport - 600
    3. DML Speed - 800
    4. DML Power - 900
    5. DML Weekender - 1000
    6. DML Rocket - 300
    7. DML Kayak - 400
    8. DML Dinghy
    9. DML Paddle - 500
    10. DML Lagoon - 250


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